Training Overview

ASG Global have many years of training experience in the field of air quality, meteorology and dispersion modelling. We have more than 25 years of teaching experience and have conducted more than 65 3-day Introductory and 4-5 day Advanced training around the world.

Training has been provided to various worldwide EPA offices, Universities, Engineering and Consulting Companies as well as professional organizations including CASANZ, and A&WMA.

Our courses are aimed at empowering users to model correctly and to have a better appreciation for understanding many of the inherent model algorithms. Although we will use third party Graphical User Interface software in our teaching, the aim of our courses is not to showcase any GUI but to provide users with the skills necessary to make them confident practioners.

All our courses feature:

  • Effective instruction from subject area experts
  • We employ State of the science methods in our training
  • We provide a balanced combination of theory and hands on applications
  • We provide relevant case study applications that demonstrate key concepts
  • All our courses will supply students with overhead material, any relevant software and references as well as case study applications