Useful FAQs

Courses Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Interest in Training

    If you are interested in training please fill in the 'Request for Training Dates' form or contact us at, and we will work with you to deliver a training package that suits your requirements.

  • Course Fees

    Our Course fee will be competitive and will include admission to all days of the course. You will receive a set of presentation slides and a course CD of valuable references and training case studies. The course registration fee does not include travel reservations or software.

  • Are Computers Provided at the Courses

    For third party and public courses we will hire a venue that includes computers so that users do not need to bring their own. For regular courses and custom developed course at an Organizations office or University laboratory own laptops or laboratory laptops can be used.

  • Will we be training on a Graphical User Interface

    We will be using third party software from model developers where applicable. This software will be provided for use in the classes only.

  • We will offer reduced prices and ‘free slots’ for Universities and education based training