Odours and Odour Modelling

This 2-day International course is a must for those wanting to understand principles of odour, odour sampling, modelling and interpretation of model results. The course covers the fundamentals of odours which include odour characteristics, odour measurements and units, odour intensity, odour modelling, percentiles, peak to mean ratios and adjustments to sub hourly odour guidelines.

A significant part of this course is focused on the meteorology such as calms and light wind events, sub hourly meteorology, how to use observation data and worst case dispersion conditions. Another area of focus is the odour industry which discusses emission rates from various odour producing industry such as agricultural, industry and waste water facilities.

We discuss fugitive emissions and how to manage them. This course is a combination of theory and practical advice, coupled with hands on training computer exercises which include modelling of a multiple sources from a typical Waste Water Treatment Plant.