ASG can offer a range of analysis services relating to air monitoring. The following are some of the services we can provide;

  • Air Quality Management Plan for Monitoring
  • Assist in Establishing the correct monitor location\s
  • Optimization monitoring sites, relocation
  • Auditing of Air and Meteorological Station’s
  • Consultation in Monitoring Network Support

We can operate meteorological and air quality monitoring stations that serve the following purposes:

Demonstrate Compliance - Ambient air quality monitoring may be required in connection with an operating permit, or even establishing status of non-attainment area. ASG Global can assist in the development of site-specific monitoring projects

Modeling and Permitting Support - Modelling validation and Project ambient baseline may be required further support critical decisions by using a monitoring station. Some clients prefer to have onsite monitoring station to support specific project justifications and obtain confidence

At ASG Global, we can assist in the design and placement of operating meteorological and ambient air quality monitoring stations and we can analyse and optimise those networks.

Pollution Scatter Plot