Training CALPUFF and AERMOD Advanced

ASG can provide training based on students ability and experience. An advanced course can be catered for as short as 1 day or as many as 3 days, depending on your needs and requirements.

Similarly to the Introductory course, the Advanced training provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands on computer instruction. This course is ideal for those who have attended the introductory course or for those wishing to sharpen their already proficient skills. This course can either directly follow the introductory course or it can be a standalone course.

We encourage student involvement and recommend an interactive approach so students can share their experiences and difficulties. However, this course can also be structured as a custom built course with the training developed to address individual organisational needs. Typical advanced course topics may include; flares, building downwash, calm and light wind events, chemistry, Land Use, Fog modelling, Forecast systems, model evaluation etc.

This course works best as a Workshop and we support student participation. This course embodies a combination of theoretical work and hands on computer training.