ASG is an independent firm of recognized scientists in the field of atmospheric sciences. The firm brings unique proven international experience based on more than 28 years of international practice.

ASG has established innovative solutions in addressing our clients’ challenges in the field of air quality and are recognized for our integrity and professionalism.

With focus on offering a broad range of professional atmospheric services globally, we are uniquely catered to provide best practices to air quality challenges presented by various industries in fast growing and emerging markets that need to meet stringent environmental regulations.

As experts in air quality and meteorological disciplines we support a range of services including, government compliance reporting and assessments using refined air dispersion modelling, accidental release of toxic gaseous from operations and spills, odour dispersion modelling, complex meteorological mesoscale modelling, forecasting and supplying of meteorological data for various dispersion models and training.

ASG core services are designed to meet challenges from our clients’ and keeping updated with best practices in air quality. ASG operates out of two strategically located offices in New Zealand, and the United States.