ASG Global provides a wide range of Atmospheric Science and Air Quality Consultancy services. We provide services in the area of meteorology, meteorological modelling and forecasting, met data supply, data management and analysis, meteorological model validation, and refined air dispersion modelling and forecasting services.

ASG Global has significant experience in providing specialized services using various dense gas models for accidental modelling and analysis of toxic gases such as Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine releases from petrochemical, oil and gas operations. In addition, we have special ability to also provide refined odour modelling and support in the management of sampling techniques. ASG staff have the ability to develop Emission Inventories, support operating permits, address compliance issues and have unique skills to develop Graphical User Interfaces’ and model code programming.

We pride ourselves on being professionals who are able to offer a wide range of consulting services to meet requirements for companies around world.

We are committed to developing solutions that address your specific needs effectively.

Online Forms for Metdata

We currently offer a service providing modelled meteorological data and observed meteorological data for any location in the world. We have more than 20 years of experience running numerical models of MM5 and WRF and have previously developed a 12km resolution MM5 data set for the entire world.

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